Predictions for 2012 (January 1, 2012)

Happy New Year!

2012 will be a historic year.  Here are my predictions under different categories.

1.  The World

The United Nation will begin a process of transformation.  More advanced nations will realize that it is in their own long term interests to share decision making with other countries.  New ideas will be set forth to reduce despotic injustice and violence.  The process of moving toward a more effective UN will begin to take shape.

2.  The United States

The battle lines between unbridled capitalism and progressive liberalism will become more focussed in the 2012 elections.  The impact of Occupy Wall Street will be felt strongly.  The Democratic Party will gain strength while the Republican Party will struggle to redefine itself as the party of the middle class.

3.  Europe

The Euro will lose its value by at least 20% while the Eurozone struggles to keep it alive.  A smaller Eurozone will begin the process of greater political unity to achieve economic power and stability.  Some of the existing Eurozone nations will revert to their own currencies.

4.  New York State

Governor Cuomo will prevail in the redistricting battle through a non-partisan commission.  The Democrats will gain control of the State Senate. The Assembly leadership will change.

5.  The Environment

Severe weather-relate disasters will continue into 2012.  This will focus the world’s attention on climate change and claims of human-induced global warming.  The United States, India, China and most of Europe will agree to work together on tis front.

6.  Science

An alternative theory will be advanced to replace the current dark energy and dark matter conjectures.  The theory will be based on the existence of multiple dimensions beyond what is perceptible by human senses or devices invented by humans.

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One Comment on “Predictions for 2012 (January 1, 2012)”

  1. A Healthy and Prosperous New Year for your Family and yourself!

    Oh, Great Swami; Do you forsee any more than (2) two County Committee Meetings in the Stars, Chicken Bones, Magic Stones and/or Animal Entrails? Please provide a glimmer of Hope for all the ‘captive’ non-dominant politico-types?

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